The Center Press / Kenneth W. Bonesteel Printing

  Your Source for Quality Letterpress, Offset & Digital Printing for Over 58 Years

Letterpress Printing

     When we started in business over 50 years ago, letterpress was king. The type is set by hand, cast in type metal or imaged onto polymer plates and then printed by pressing it onto the paper. Letterpress printing was, and still is the choice for that high end tactile feel that's missing in today's sterile digital world.

Offset Printing

     Offset printing is accomplished by printing from a metal plate, onto a rubber blanket and then (offsetting) onto the paper. Most print jobs today are printed offset. The quality and durability of offset printing is unmatched.

Customer testimonials:
"We certainly appreciate your fine workmanship in the finishing of the tags, certificates and labels. These things are very important and mean quite a lot to collectors. When the tags are done so precisely, it really enhances our work" 
                      R. John Wright
                                 R. John Wright Doll, Inc.

"When we needed napkins printed for our father's birthday, we were told that you were the only local printer who still prints napkins. And, we were amazed that you had them done in one day...Thank You again!!"  

Dave & Susan Paige

About Us:
  We're a small commercial printer that works with the customer first hand. There's no salesmen here, you deal directly with the people who will be doing your work whether it's traditional letterpress, offset or digital. We're committed to maintaining that one-on-one customer relationship, small shop, old world craftsmanship that we started with so long ago.
Company History:
     The Center Press was started in 1960 by Kenneth & Connie Bonesteel, and by the mid 1960s was operating out of the basement of their home on Merrill Avenue in
Brunswick. By the early 1970s they had outgrown the basement so Ken purchased the two room schoolhouse on Hoosick Road that he attended as a youth. After much
renovation the shop was relocated to the larger schoolhouse location and re-named Kenneth W. Bonesteel Printing.
     After operating in the schoolhouse for close to 10 years, the Bonesteels decided that they no longer enjoyed operating from a separate location. So, it was decided in 1979 to build a home large enough to once again house the entire business in the basement and live above.
     In October of 1980 the home was finished, and the printing business relocated one last time to it's present location on Town Office Road in Brunswick. In 1992 the business passed to Ken Jr. and was once again re-named The Center Press.

     Our mission statement is still the same as it was when we began over 50 years ago. "Quality Printing at a Reasonable Price"